I am Ross Newbauer.

What I can do for you.

Audio Engineering
Theatre Sound Design


It's been a while, but hopefully I'll be able to put a page with my resume, update audio and my theatre background on here. It's been a busy summer, so now that it's winding down I'll put some work into this.

Dominick Farinacci – Crazy

I had a recent jazz concert at Cuyahoga Community College, Metropolitan campus, featuring Dominick Farinacci on trumpet and Ernie Krivda on saxophone, and I'm now able to release some of the videos from the night. This is a feature by Dominick Farinacci, playing "Crazy"

What it’s like to walk out into an arena…

I recently shot Dominick Farinacci playing the National Anthem in front of a few thousand people at the Monster Jam at the Q Arena in Cleveland… it's a weird feeling being down on the ground in an arena. It isn't as big as it seems from the bottom up.

Pipe Dream – Sometimes (Original)

Hey Everyone! I just posted up a new track I engineered for my own band, Pipe Dream, titled: Sometimes. It's awesome, you should check it out! It's got a great layer of African percussion and bells, and a rhodes electric piano! Seriously, give it some love: http://www.newbaueravt.com/audio/pipe-dream-sometimes/

Rock The Falls 2012 – Overview

And here we are, a Monday after a busy shoot this weekend. Saturday, I covered the Rock The Falls event in Chagrin Falls (). It consisted of a bunch of high school bands, and was an overall good-looking shoot. On top of having shot the event, my interview videos were used as filler in-between bands playing, instead of Emcees like previous years. They looked awesome and were well-received! A ton of ...

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Updated Audio portfolio!

Updated pages!! Just updated my Audio page with some portfolio content. You'll find live recordings of performances from Emily Morgan, Annie Schiferl, Sarah DiFiore, and Spencer Hendricks now. Some good content, check it out!

Video content: Up and ready to go!

I just uploaded a ton of new content on the video page! So you should go to the video page above, and check out all that content on there, leave a comment on my Vimeo, etc.! Thanks, -Ross

Rock The Falls 2012 – Band Interviews

Today I'm working on band interviews for video intros for the Rock The Falls event in Chagrin Falls this year. These interviews will be the intro videos to the band playing, and for the event, I'll have a 3-camera shoot for the entire event. It'll be some fun stuff, excited to see how these interviews turn out in editing! Attached, a shanty photo of the setup for today. Two Nikon ...

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Call Me Maybe music video

For my latest video job, I was a privileged guy when I got to shoot a 11 year old girl's birthday wish: a music video to 'Call Me Maybe'. After 10 hours of listening to the song, no one understands my pain and struggle with that song, but it resulted real well. Check it out:


Welcome to the new Newbauer A/V/T website! It's wonderful to launch something solid like this, and I hope you all enjoy it!